Vessel Management Team Day 2024

    On March 12th, we hosted our ‘Vessel Management Team’ day, a dynamic event filled with interactive sessions, diverse offshore topics, and even engaging role-playing activities. It served as a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bonds between our on- and offshore colleagues (worldwide) while creating lasting memories together. And here are some experiences shared by our team members.

    What truly stood out were the role-playing activities. They not only brought the concepts to life but also provided a platform for us to apply our knowledge in a practical setting. Collaborating with colleagues from different departments and locations was eye-opening, as we discovered new perspectives and approaches.

    “Participating in the ‘Vessel Management Team Day’ was an incredibly enriching experience. From the moment we walked in, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation. The interactive sessions kept us fully engaged, allowing us to dive deep into various offshore topics and challenges.”

    Overall, the ‘Vessel Management Team Day’ contributes to the power and spirit of teamwork, collaboration, and continuous learning that we need for our work in the Offshore Industry.