Swift 10

The SWIFT-10 is a MSC SEA-2750 self-elevating unit and in operation from May 2011. It’s registered with ABS. The leg length is 98.14 mtr and has a crane capacity of 80 tons.

Length 67.40 meter
Breadth 40.00 meter
Depth 5.50 meter
Draft (max) 3.95 meter


L x B x D 67.40m x 40.00m x 5.50m
Leg length 98.14 meter
Leg diameter 3.50 meter
Spudcan diameter 6.90m
Jacking speed 0.32 meter / minute
Cantilever reach 16.0 m from transom ~3.5 meter transverse
Total Cantilever load 360 tons (over full envelope)
Hydraulic mast push & pull, stroke 17.5m Hook load max 250 tons
Pipe handling fully automated with pipe cassettes
Pipe storage 3250 m 5" S-135 on cantilever
Tripping speed 350 m/hr
BOP 13.5/8" @10.000 psi
Top Drive HV TD 500 SHT-800H 220 rpm 38.000 Nm cont. torque - 60.000 Nm intermittent torque
Diverter Intergrated in BOP
Drill water 250 m3
Mud pits 300 m3
Variable load 1.500 tons
Bulk tanks 250 m3
Potable water 224 m3
Mudpumps 2x LTI 5000 psi

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