Swift Drilling B.V.

About Us

  • Part of the Van Es Holding
  • Privately owned
  • Based in Sliedrecht. The Netherlands
  • Start operations of SWIFT10: May 2011
  • Valid Safety Case UK till 2021
  • Valid Safety Case NL till 2023


  • Drilling with automated pipe handling
  • P&A
  • Work overs
  • Well stimulations
  • Slot recoveries
  • Well testing
  • Ultra shallow water: range 2½ - 6 mtr

Swift Drilling B.V. is a modern drilling contractor operating the highly automated Swift 10. Swift 10 is a light jack up drilling rig specially designed to meet the economic and technical challenges of offshore operations of the 21st century. Swift 10 matches the shallow water depths in the Southern North Sea and is suitable for development, exploration wells, workovers and well abandonments. Highly focused on cost savings for the client. Special focus is given to automation, connected to hands-off processes. The Swift 10 has a fully independent working pipe handling and storage system installed.  Efficient handling of subsea trees and well head protective structures is day to day business for the highly skilled team. After the rig move the preloading can be done in 4 hours. It can handle a 30-meter air gap effortless and due to the X/Y cantilever skidding design the majority of the production platforms in the Southern North Sea can be served. Swift 10 is designed for a maximum water depth of 45 meters. Swift 10 has valid safety cases for the UKCS and NLCS. The Swift 10 team is continually working together with their clients on smart processes to reduce the time from spudding a well to the handover phase.

That way of working together with the client helps to improve the safety and results in less exposure for the people involved in the operation. Thinking out of the box and short communication lines pays off for the client! Proven by the L-09 campaign (Drilled 3 Wells on a mono pile platform and saved around 12 days only for BOP handling).

The Swift 10 has a 13 5/8” 10K BOP system installed which full fill the PR-2 requirement the highest on the market. Heavy lifting operations and handling of Vibro-Hammers, 30-inch Conductor, 36 inch BHA, 50 mT of Wellhead protective structures (WPS) are normal operations for the Swift teams.


Key for success on the Swift 10 was the introduction of an automated pipe handling and storage system. This has improved the safety on board by an enormous reduction in HSE exposures and in average 40% less people on board. The average POB, including catering and operator personnel is 50.

Safety increased

Swift 10 has an outstanding safety record. The innovative design has assisted in creating a safer working environment on board.


Despite automation the key feature for Swift Drilling is its excellent highly skilled and continually trained personnel with a friendly approachable culture. An enthusiastic young group of people that supports innovation and the different approach in our industry. All are committed to use Swift Drilling’s powerful Corporate Management System and the pragmatic in-house developed competency system.